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CRM 2011: Plug-in Development so far…

Hello fellow CRM folks,

I apologise for my quietness these last few weeks, I have been heads down on a CRM 2011 upgrade and am now having to make some modifications to the plug-ins I built back in 2008 or so (CRM 4.0).

Interestingly I am finding the plug-in development to be fun, but challenging as I learn the new data types and tricks. The drivers license I had for CRM 4.0 certainly needs an upgrade as I come to terms with things like OptionSets now replacing picklists and Lookups becoming EntityReferences! I miss my named types!

On that topic I wanted to share a tidbit I found. Did you know the OptionSetValue type in CRM 2011 plug-ins does not return you the text value of the option?!?!? A tad frustrating that you can only return the ordinal, the rest is left up to a MetaData service query.

You can read more here on Ben Hosk’s blog.

I am expecting more quirks and tricks over the coming weeks as I get my head around the changes. I’ll try document as many as I can. Enjoy!

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